Wednesday, December 29, 2010

today is the day

today is the day we get to find out the sex of the baby. my wife had a dream last month we were having a girl, but then 2 nights ago she had a dream our baby was a boy! Only a few hours left until we find out!

Monday, November 29, 2010

not much to update

almost busto on FTP, fuckin rigged ass site. these regs and their superuser accounts that win every flip, etc.... i'm done with tourneys as well... it's just sick how good of a player you can be and still get shit on. The games are getting tougher but the new players have these god mode accounts that never miss... I haven't made a dime in 4 months and surviving on last year's profits however at this rate, should be running out soon. :o(

On a more positive note, the wife's pregnancy reaches 15 or 16 weeks on wednesday. She's really starting to show now and the excitement is great for the both of us.

Monday, November 1, 2010

first sunday with no donkaments

yesterday was the 1st time i haven't played any tourneys in a long time on a sunday and honestly it felt great! I think i probably saved like 3-5k lol. I've been so dry in tourneys that it's not even worth the time or energy especially with a baby on the way. We're almost at 12 weeks already! I had a pretty good October even with a -15k day....I'm still in both survivor football leagues as well, one of them being over 10k for first. At first I felt like writing, but i really don't anymore lol.

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Can win when ahead in tourneys

Every sunday i tell myself, i'm never going to play tourneys again, but the next week rolls around and the more hundreds and thousands get dumped into tourneys going for the big hit. It's pretty horrendous how bad i run on ftp when it comes to tourneys. I feel like i win 20% of all flips then when i get it in good, i still lose. Monster pairs are never's a joke yet I put myself through the same torture week in and week out.. or rather sunday in and sunday out. Here's a prime example in the Sunday Brawl - 256.00 buy in....

*** HOLE CARDS ***
Dealt to Shipitoverhere [Kd Kc]
BukShans folds
Marc Karam folds
scottythefish folds
ami2605 folds
Hakflem folds
vasiaman raises to 3,938, and is all in
stoerrr folds
Shipitoverhere calls 3,818
throwinphins folds
vasiaman shows [Qs Js]
Shipitoverhere shows [Kd Kc]
*** FLOP *** [Qh Qd Ac]
*** TURN *** [Qh Qd Ac] [3s]
*** RIVER *** [Qh Qd Ac 3s] [7c]
vasiaman shows three of a kind, Queens
Shipitoverhere shows two pair, Kings and Queens
vasiaman wins the pot (8,341) with three of a kind, Queens

a guy just open jams the monster QJs and wins vs my KK. ez game....

As October comes to an end it was another up and down month starting off great, then dropping all the profits, recovering then dropping it all again. I had 2 -14k days but i think I might have broken even so far. It very frustrating as I had a big year last year and this year I've fallen well short in comparison.

On a positive note, the baby is now 10 weeks old :) He or she is doing great and we have another dr. appt tomorrow for a check up.

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Live Poker

Played some live poker for first time since borgata yesterday at Tampa Hard Rock. The wifey went to a country concert with her sister across the street from the HR, so I got to play a bit of 5/10. I got stuck 1500 really quick, but got unstuck witht his hand.... Best hand of the night was a limped pot, I have 98dd, flop 10d 7d 3d, dude bets 25, i raise to 75, he calls, turn 6d, chk chk river who cares, he donks 200, i put him in for 1100 more he snaps with A2dd and slams it down... no good sir! straight flush. I also played a hand where i raised JJ to 50, got 3 callers, bet 130 on a 9h8h3s board, guy calls, turn 8s, i chk, he bets 200, i ship it, he calls off 700 more... river 9, so i think i lost but he turns over the poewr k6hh that bricked off so ez game. Last hand of the night I raise 50 with QQ, good lag calls out of sb along with one fish. Flop 8s 4s 3d, he donks 125 into me, i call, turn 9h, he donks 325, i call, river Ac, i bets 600, i think for a while and end up folding and showing and he shows me JJ. I thought he had 88 - JJ or ace high flush draw but we were both over 3k deep so I played it pretty passively. Still ended the session +1100ish so it was nice to book a cash win.

We are up to 9 weeks on the pregnancy test and the baby is about as big as a grape :) grow grow grow little guy or girl!

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Little D - 8 weeks old


He or she is 8 weeks old. Personally I think our child is going to be a boy, but everyone else thinks a girl. We just wanted healthy though. :o) I've been traveling a ton lately. borgata was pretty unsuccessful which was disappointing. We then went to Tennessee for a family wedding and had a great time there. We stayed with my Aunt in Knoxville in her 5 bedroom/7bath cabin on top of the mountains which she lives by herself in. It's pretty ridiculous awesome house. The weather was awesome and it was nice to get away from Florida for a bit. We went hiking twice and saw a bunch of deer, turkeys and even a bear. We did a 5 mile hike that ended at a beautiful waterfall. Nature is just awesome and the untouched parts of this world are just fantastic to visit.

Poker has been going pretty well as I continue to recover from the horrid August shots I took that cripled me for a while. My wife quit her job so she's home now. It's nice to have her around especially now that our Little D is on the way :o)

Sunday, September 26, 2010


My wife is now pregnant :) We have been trying for what seems like forever and finally God has answered our prayers and brought us a baby! We are beyond excited and she is only 6 or 7 weeks now but we couldn't be more thrilled. I've been traveling a ton lately. Went to NYC for some yankee games and also to Atlantic City for Borgata series. It was pretty unsuccessul but my friend Josh Brikis shipped the 1650 for 120k and Dwyte Pilgrim shipped the main for 780k. They are both sicko awesome players so I'm glad fish didn't win. I bubbled the 1650 and finished 14th in the turbo 400rebuy for a few bucks, but still ended down a little on the trip. I'm recovering online so I hope it continues as my wife just quit her job as she is going back to school in January. We are off to Tennessee for a wedding this weekend which is exciting as well then going to take it easy for the rest of the year.